Home Shredding Knutsford

Home Shredding KnutsfordWe get numerous calls for Home Shredding Knutsford from business people, the self employed, ‘home’ businesses regarding our service. With ID fraud rife, it really is a cause for concern to managed your confidential waste in the correct manner. This is where we come in, helping you ‘protect your home office’ by providing a comprehensive service that will collect your sensitive documents and dispose in an efficient, secure and environmentally sound way; giving you peace of mind in the process.

Whether its Knutsford for home shredding or anywhere throughout Cheshire, South Manchester and Trafford, you can be assured our service is second to none and truly unique. Its totally full proof, effective but ever so simple; combining our expertise in planning with a simple set of procedures which take away the headache of trying to shred your ever growing documents yourself! With the Data Protection Act 1988 applying to us all, its imperative you take the correct procedures when its comes to personal information.

With a home shredding Knutsford enquiry, we follow the same set of steps when providing you with our service. Simply order your security sack online; through our secure PayPal payment protection. Once your order has been places, your security bag will be sent out for you to fill. Securely seal the bag with the security tag issued-all bags are designed to be shredded without the need to open-and once you book online or call our number, we will pick up at your convenience. Having been picked up; with checks made regarding the proof of identity of the driver, we take your secure sack to our shredding facility-vehicles are tracked-to be shredded to British security standard with a certificate e-mailed to you to confirm your documents have been destroyed.


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