Confidential Shredding in Wilmslow

Confidential Shredding in WilmslowConfidential shredding in Wilmslow is something most of us assume takes place at all the businesses and professionals we patronise. The UK’s Data Protection Act dictates under what circumstances personal data can be collected; the limited use of collected data and the disposal of personal data no longer needed. Violations carry severe penalties. The Act is for the protection of clients and customers against identity theft. The Data Protection Act also protects the business owner. If old client and customer files are disposed of correctly your name won’t come up as the careless business. Large companies often use shredding companies that secure and shred the old files and issue a Certificate of Destruction to the company. The practice meets environmental preferences since the shredded paper is recycled.

Now if you are a sole proprietor working from a small office or a home office you may mistakenly think these laws do not apply to you. You would be wrong because in Wilmslow, confidential shredding and disposal applies to you. Imagine a case of identity theft that is traced back to your careless disposal of your customers’ personal information and you can’t disprove negligence. Would you have the funds to defend your position against such accusations like the big businesses do? Could your business weather the financial loss that accompanies the loss of trust? We have the solution to protect your business and personal information. It’s so easy you can arrange it on our website.

Confidential shredding in Wilmslow works like this: you register with us and we send you a special bag to hold all personal information waiting for secure disposal. An identification tag is attached. When the bag is filled, you seal it, attach the identification tag and request a pick up. One of our staff will pick up your bag and secure it within our truck for transport to our huge shredding facility. Our truck is monitored by a tracking device. The truck dumps the bags containing your documents into the shredder where bag and all is shredded to BSIA standards. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction. Contact Ministry of Shred for more information about our secure hands off document shredding company. Our services will keep your business compliant and we help the environment by recycling the paper into new products.

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