Confidential Shredding in Wilmslow

 Confidential Shredding in WilmslowIf you need to keep private information safe, you need to look for confidential shredding in Wilmslow. Shredding documents is a necessity especially when you need to dispose of private documents that contain personal information. Whether you need to dispose of stacks of house bills and credit card statements at home, or you need to throw away files of company or employee information and documents at the office, you need to consider the risks. Identity thieves are always on the prowl for unwary victims and each year, as much as £3 billion are lost to fraud costs. This is what makes confidential shredding services so important as they can help eliminate such risks and allow you to dispose of these documents and information safely.

In Wilmslow, confidential shredding is available at the Ministry of Shred. The company specialises in the destroying of important documents properly by using their systematic and efficient shredding methods. The company can provide you with a designated container where you can place and seal documents that you need to be destroyed and the container will be collected from you by an authorised collector. The container you use will be tagged and you can track it while it is being transported back to their main office for shredding. A certificate of destruction is provided to their clients via email as soon as the shredding of the documents is complete.

When you are in need of confidential shredding in Wilmslow, contact the Ministry of Shred. The company complies with the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) standards. This means the container that you have places the documents or papers for shredding does not get opened once you have sealed it. This greatly reduces the risk of identity theft. The container is destroyed along with your documents when the shredding process is initiated. The company also recycles the shredded documents into reusable paper products, doing their duty to help protect the environment.  If you require an expert professional shredding service, contact the Ministry of Shred today.

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