Home Shredding Lymm

Home shredding Lymm

We had an initial enquiry regarding Home Shredding Lymm from a self employed accountant who wanted to know more about the service we provide for destroying sensitive documements from his home office. Having realised he was storing mor and more boxes-with less space-a decision to look for a company who could help with his request had now been taken. Our response was rapid; explaining to this potential customer how our system could eradicate the headache of clearing out masses of paper by himself.

With any Lymm enquiry for home shredding-or for the that matter, throughout Cheshire-we will deal with your query conscientiously, efficiently and above all in a professional manner that epitomises what we stand for as a company. Our comprehensive service is all about ‘protecting the home office’ as we know-and you do- that ID fraud is a  genuine threat to us all; costing the UK economy £3billion every year and 100,000 people victims of ID fraud last year.

With the home shredding Lymm enquiry, we have been explaining how our service works and how it can ultimately benefit this gentleman. Simply, you can order online the required number(s) of  security sacks to fill with your confidential documents. From here, one of our drivers will pick up at a time convenient for you,and your bags will be tracked back to be checked, unloaded and shredded; without ever being opened! Once destroyed, a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ is emailed to you to confirm the procedure has been carried out-its that simple but so effective!

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