The Five Pack Sack, allows you to clear out the back log of old files that are no longer needed. Great for moving office clear out loft space or emptying paid for store.

  • Exceptionally strong recycled bag
  • Flat-packed and opens out to 480mm X 640mm X 140mm.
  • Each sack holds upto 20 kg.
  • Ideal for clear out loft space or emptying paid for store
  • Secure, Convenient
  • Delivered to your door within 2 working days
  • Over 99.9 % of your material we shred is recycled
  • Package price includes delivery, P &P, and VAT, you just need to fill the sack and bring it back!

For a list of what can and cannot go in the bag and other FAQ’s, please click here.

Sack & P&P: £21:00 inc VAT

Sack & collection…. to”Sack and collection package please call for further information on 07969873097