Mobile Shredding in Urmston, Affordable, Convenient, Bringing Peace of Mind

Mobile Shredding in UrmstonProfessional mobile shredding in Urmston is an effective security measure. Your home business likely has old unwanted documents that are no longer needed. As such, they need to be destroyed. This is necessary. ID theft and fraud has become huge, and unscrupulous criminals are finding new ways to get the information they want to commit these crimes. You can play your part. Ensure that all you old documents are professionally destroyed to ensure safety.  We know how important this is, and as such, we offer our expert shredding services to all our clients.

For our clients in Urmston, mobile shredding is easy to do. Simply order your Shred Sack online. They are available in 3 convenient sizes, making it easier for you. Each sack is delivered with its own security tag. Fill your sack with all your unwanted documents, and secure it with the security tag. For collection, give us a ring to arrange a time that suits you best. One of our team members, complete with identification will come to home office at the pre-arranged time to collect your sack. The sack is then taken to our secure shredding facility and the entire bag is shredded, without ever being opened. The documents, as well as the shred sack, are shredded to the British Security Industry Association standard EN15713. This means that you can rest assured that the entire process is managed within their strict guidelines.

Mobile shredding in Urmston is a convenient and safe method of securely destroying unwanted documents. For more details about how we can assist you, contact Ministry of Shred. We are happy to explain the process, and answer any questions you have. We will send an email with the certificate of destruction to you once the shredding process is complete. This is your confirmation that the documents have been thoroughly destroyed. While you may have an office shredder in your home office, it is not designed to handle large volumes of paper. Our high capacity shredding machine can do in a few what would take your office shredder to complete in 8 hours.

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