Confidential Shredding Service in Macclesfield, Ideal for Your Needs

Confidential Shredding Service in MacclesfieldWe offer a confidential shredding service in Macclesfield for those who work from home. Just because your office is in your home, you still have a responsibility to protect your clients and customers sensitive information. Your liability is the same as if you were in a huge office building complex. The thing is, it probably feels safer and more secure in your home than in an impersonal building with strangers in and out all day and cleaners in at night. That kind of thinking can lead to carelessness. Such a huge number of identity theft cases originate with careless disposal of paperwork. If you have a home shredder, it may not cross cut the paper enough to prevent putting it back together. Anyway, who wants to sit and shred whole file folders of old accounts while paper dust covers the floor?

We have the perfect solution for home offices that need security but don’t have volume such as is found in large offices. In Macclesfield, our confidential shredding service is a personal service. We have special sacks to hold your sensitive documents until they’re full. Order the sacks from us on line for a nominal cost and they’ll be delivered to your door. You’ll notice each sack has a tag. When the bag is full, seal it and attach the tag. Call or go online and contact us for pick-up service. We’ll send a fully vetted agent with identification to your door to collect the sack or sacks. The sealed sack will be locked in a safe secured in the vehicle and delivered directly to our shredding facility.

Our confidential shredding service in Macclesfield opens the secure transport container under watchful eyes and CCTV. It’s emptied into our shredding machine without ever opening the bag. Your bags are identifiable by the tag number. Using that number we can issue you a Certificate of Disposal and with that your liability for the document’s end. Our shredder is large and high-powered. It cross cuts into impossible to restore paper shreds which are then recycled into other useful products. It’s all taken care of for you at a very reasonable price and in the most convenient manner for you. Contact Ministry of Shred and find out more about our confidential shredding service. We think this is a solution most home office workers will find safe and convenient.

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