Home Office Shredding Service in Altrincham

Home Office Shredding Service in AltrinchamThe best way to safely dispose of secure and confidential documents is by contacting a home office shredding service in Altrincham. They are more effective than shredding or tearing the documents yourself. Identification theft is an unfortunate result of documents that are not disposed properly. This is a growing crime in the UK, which costs the nation nearly 3 billion Euros.

In Altrincham, a leading provider of home office shredding is the Ministry of Shred. The process begins when you order your security sack from their web portal. After your order has been placed, a tag and security sack will be sent to your address. Simply fill up the bag with your secure documents and information to the level line. Then seal the bag securely with the security tag that is provided. These bags are made to be shredded and then recycled, so that they are never opened. After filling and sealing the bags, make an online booking with your requirements. If you opt for a collection, Ministry of Shred drivers will come and collect the bags from address. Before accepting your bags, they will present you with proof of identity, as required by British Standards. Your security tag-code will be confirmed and then taken to the secure collection truck. All Ministry of Shred vehicles are equipped with tracking, which enables staff to monitor the vehicle’s movements back to the shredding facility. When the vehicle arrives at the secure site, the truck is backed up directly into the processing facility where the sack will be unloaded. It will first be checked and then shredded. After shredding takes place, a “Certificate of Destruction” will be emailed to you.

If you are looking for a home office shredding service in Altrincham, then consider using the services of the Ministry of Shred. Everything from management to collection control, to transportation and material destruction is compliant with strict guidelines set forth by the British Security Industry Association. If you would like to know more about home office shredding facilities, contact the Ministry of Shred for more information

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